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Apr. 20th, 2010

(no subject)

Wait a minute... why do I not remember using this thing freshman year of college???


Holy shit livejournal.. where have you been the last like.. 5 years of my life?

...I'm NOT currently doing the three assignments I should be doing. This is because I suck at life.

Maybe I'll start writing in here again. A place to document my boring life might be nice.

Some updates: I'm engaged to David. We have a new house together. I live in Boston, but I'm graduating early in December and moving back home (the house is in Kingston). Aaaaand my life has been a weird and crazy mess.

That's it really. I should probably actually do my homework.


Feb. 23rd, 2008

Rent is depressing.

I'm bored, and seriously putting off homework. It is Saturday. I am incapable of doing homework on a Saturday. However, I will be busy tomorrow.

...David is home.. in the valley...... without me. I hate that we have different breaks. Everyone else gets to go home for spring break. I, however, do not. I'm staying in Boston while everyone leaves and sees their families and friends at home and everything. I miss my cat. (He's home, too.)

Are any of you people going to visit me in Boston?
Since I never actually hung out with any of you when I was in high school I have to assume you won't. I miss a lot of pseudo friendships from high school though.

..and this is weird- but I miss Mr. K. Someone tell him that. Someone tell him that my musical life sucks.

I'm ridiculously whiny. I really should do my homework. I don't think I will.

It is amazing that I'm getting straight A's. I truly wonder.

P.S. Jill, I've decided you'd make a good elementary teacher. Come to Wheelock.
haha. Are any of you juniors or sophomores looking at Elem. ed?

Feb. 5th, 2008

Long time, no post.... again.

Dear Livejournal,
Life is an interesting thing. Being human is also an interesting thing. The fact that a person can love something and hate something and be wicked appreciative of things all at the same time is just a mysterious idea.

I never thought I'd say this, but I, in very certain specific aspects (and not many), miss high school.

In high school I played horn at minimum 1 hour per day. Now? 1 hour a week. And I'm not talented any longer. And I'm not regarded as a horn player any longer. And no one says, Hey, that girl is pretty good. Nothing. I'm a vocalist. I am the girl that got to be a solo finalist EVEN THOUGH she auditioned with strep throat and barely had a voice(final auditions are tomorrow). I'm the girl that made the tiny select CHOIR freshman year first semester without really trying. I am not an instrumentalist. This isn't how things were supposed to go.

Moving on, is there anyone that is going into Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, or Social work? If there is, please come to Wheelock. It is an awesome school! I'll give you a tour myself; I AM an ambassador. The courses rock, the professors rock, and you don't ever have to walk very far to get your food. Please Please consider it. I need someone that knows what the hell I mean when I say valley.

Moving on to valley. I would like you to know that "the valley" is like a town everywhere else. I am not from Kingston. I am not from Wilkes-Barre. I am from "the valley." Problem is, everywhere else is a valley too, so that makes no sense. Other people are like.. "yeah in my town we have this.." or "The school in my town..." See, we don't have a town. It is a weird weird weird thing. Maybe it is just New England that is like that, I'm not sure. Either way, I'd like you all to acknowledge the fact that you are not from the town you live in. You are really from "the valley."

.........Classes are great, except for the one that I have to read 500 pages a week for and do a paper a week. (It is only a once a week class). With work study and my placement and my classes and my extra curriculars, I have no time. Also- I have no friends. No seriously, I have no friends. I have people that I like and that like me, but I don't hang out with anyone but David. I mean, I hang out with my roommate, but you know... we sort of live together.... 4 days a week anyway. But really, I'm not sure this is healthy.

Sorry for the long entry. I'm wicked depressed right now. Musically.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams,

Oct. 4th, 2007

(no subject)

Today I saw Zach Kraynak. He was in my orchestra, playing viola. He had a bow in his hair.... and was wearing a Simmons hoodie.

How strange...

But seriously, it was him, I swear.

(Go ahead, find the joke. http://simmons.edu/)

P.S. Coming into an orchestra, being new, and being assigned Principle horn isn't actually a good thing. That means there aren't people better than me- not good.

Oct. 1st, 2007

(no subject)

Dear Livejournal,
I miss Marching Band.

Why? So many reasons. You may ask me and I will answer.


Sep. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Today I auditioned for an orchestra and got in. Today was the first time I have played my horn since band class at the end of May, in high school. Since high school. Weird.

Also, I also got into the Colleges of Fenway choir, the Northeastern choir, AND Northeastern's Chamber Singers (there were only 2 spots open in the alto section, and I'm a freshman). Fuck yeah.

I'm actually going to continue my musical experiences. Who knew?

College is good. Busy as hell. and I'm tired all the time, and not because I don't sleep and party all the time. My roommate is out partying right now. I didn't go. I did one night and it sucked and I'm not going to do that again for awhile. I like the work we have to do here, too (for the most part).

I'm going abroad to Australia next year, 1st semester. I've decided. I'm going to do everything I can to do it.

Good luck in high school. My senior year was so fucked up that it sucked and I will always remember high school sucking.

Sep. 4th, 2007

(no subject)

Today is the last day of orientation.. thank god. Tomorrow we finally start classes.. and I am pumped. I have such a full day tomorrow.. but I'm happy about it.

Last night the entire freshman class and transfers went to Maggiano's, this awesome Italian place.. and I ripped up my feet with new shoes. Now I am in immense pain and have bandaids and gauze and med tape all over my feet.


On the upside, stayed at Dave's last night and came to the dorm this morning. This is going to be pretty awesome. David.. all the time. You guys with your significant others were always all about those people and you saw them every day at school and I never saw mine. Now you all separate and see eachother once a month and I see my boyfriend everyday. Well, I can't exactly say I know how you feel.. because I may have known before, but this, for me, is the awesome life.

Fuck yeah for college and learning something real. I'm not in it for the parties... I'm in it for the intense education.

Hell yes.

Aug. 12th, 2007

(no subject)

I'm confused as to why no one has updated their journal in a few days... how strange.

Anyway- anyone [that graduated with me]interested to visiting band camp with me on Tuesday the 21st? I'll be home and planned to stop by.

Let me know..

Aug. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

So today was a good day. Then I found out that Wheelock's "system" screwed up and that I wasn't going to be in my top choice housing like they originally told me. Also, it is official that my mom is moving 3 hours south of the valley, so any visits I have are going to be split with being in the valley and being in Chambersburg. The only good thing about any of this is that I'm still with my roommate (who is freaking awesome).

I need this day to turn better.

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